Rising questions after Hazara burial of Mach incident victims

Sit-in protest after brutal massacre of Hazaras by Pakistani ISIS

The ten Hazara coalminers slaughtered in Mach last week were buried on Saturday after a six-day long protest but the controversies raised at the local and national level still looms large. At the inception of the New Year, on the midnight between 2nd and 3rd January 2021, ten laborers belonging to the most persecuted Hazara […]

The Merciless Killings of 11 Hazara Coalminers

ISIS terrorists murders 11 Hazara coalminers in Mach Balochistan Pakistan

An extremely tragic and a heart-wrenching incident of terrorism took place in Mach, nearly 64km from Quetta, in which 11 Hazara coal miners were ruthlessly butchered by sharp knives. According to the details, some masked man entered a camp of coal miners who were sleeping after being exhausted of the long day physical labor.  It […]

Qissa-hai-Natamam: A tale of Hazara Genocide in Pakistan

Book 'The Unfinished Stories' by Hasan Riza Changezi on Hazara Genocide in Pakistan

The book is a collection of Hasan Riza Changezi’s articles most of which were published in the Dawn newspaper as Urdu language blogs. The book contains thirty-one of his selected articles written during the horrific period of 2012-2015 when Pakistan in general and Quetta in particular, was ablaze with sectarian terrorism. The writer has highlighted […]