About Us


Bolaq is a Hazaragi word meaning spring from which pure, clean and unadulterated water comes out. As an Institution, Bolaq is a nonprofit, independent organization that works for Justice, Peace and equality in an unbiased, clear and impartial manner. 


Our mission is to conduct in-depth research and investigation and explore the facts and realities in Afghanistan that have been kept from the people for so long. We need to expose the truth about the past for present and future. For too long erroneous assumptions were propagated about the country, its population and its composition. As a result, erroneous policies and laws were promulgated in favor of one ethnic group at the expense of others. We strive to raise important issues and try to expose the facts and relevant information to lay bare the realities of our society. We want to be a mirror to the realities of our society where all the facts can be seen without distortion. 

We raise the issues that are important to our people especially the issues of human rights, injustice and discrimination that others may not raise due to fear, bias or other considerations. We feel that our service is seriously and urgently needed by our people as they have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and truth. Our audiences are those who seek the truth, specifically we try to reach our youth and all those who have been presented the situation through the prism provided by the ruling elite for ages.


It is our firm belief that without justice, peace has no meaning. Afghanistan is a country of minorities where no one ethnic group constitutes the majority. Any domination of others by one ethnic group can only be done by foreign help as was the case for decades that caused serious discontent, resentment, distrust and animosity among others.

The country has been mismanaged throughout the ages and that justice, equality, freedom, pluralism have been trampled upon by one ethnic group to dominate the entire country.

Only through inclusion and plurality a harmonious society can be achieved. Bolaq strives to raise any injustices and discrimination in society. At the same time, it tries to bring about an awareness among the younger generation both inside and outside the country. 


We rely on donations from our members and supporters. We would also welcome contributions from individuals and institutions who share the same values as ours.