US Taliban Deal: One Year On


Last year, on February 29th, the US signed a peace deal with the Taliban which was hailed as a success by some and a surrender, capitulation, and defeat by the critics. What did it achieve for the two sides and the region and the country as a whole? First, a few words about the deal […]

Conversion to Islam: The process of Shi’ization of the Hazaras

Bamyan Farmers Steve Mccurry

The question that how Hazaras embraced Islam have been controversial among the scholars of Hazara history and there are different scholars with different viewpoints on this matter, which may not lead us to a specific conclusion, or we can say that these assessments lead us to understand the historicity of Hazaras’ Shi-ization as part of […]

The Civilian Massacre in Behsud

Behsud Maidan Wardak

On Friday, January 29, 2021, the Afghan security forces fired on a peaceful gathering in Behsud killing more than 10 people, injuring another 20 and holding captive more than 60 others. The region is a district in central Afghanistan. Why did the Afghan security forces open fire and under whose order committed this act, is […]

History of Sit-in Protests and Hazara Community’s Sit-ins in Quetta


A sit-in protest is a form of protest in which protesters sit at a place and insist on a particular demand(s). Protests by protesters usually continue until their demands are met. The demands of sit-ins are usually of practical nature, and they have been used throughout history for the purpose of stopping a particular action/policy […]

Rising questions after Hazara burial of Mach incident victims

Sit-in protest after brutal massacre of Hazaras by Pakistani ISIS

The ten Hazara coalminers slaughtered in Mach last week were buried on Saturday after a six-day long protest but the controversies raised at the local and national level still looms large. At the inception of the New Year, on the midnight between 2nd and 3rd January 2021, ten laborers belonging to the most persecuted Hazara […]

The Merciless Killings of 11 Hazara Coalminers

ISIS terrorists murders 11 Hazara coalminers in Mach Balochistan Pakistan

An extremely tragic and a heart-wrenching incident of terrorism took place in Mach, nearly 64km from Quetta, in which 11 Hazara coal miners were ruthlessly butchered by sharp knives. Listen to Audio version of this article on Bolaq’s YouTube Channel According to the details, some masked man entered a camp of coal miners who were […]

British Intervention and Nation-State in Afghanistan

Hazara slaves during 1890s Afghanistan

The process of formation of Afghanistan as a nation-state, with its current boundaries was initiated with the Treaty of Gandomak (1879) signed between the British Empire and the Afghan Amir, Yaqub Khan. It was when the responsibility of designing the foreign policy of Afghanistan was bestowed to the British. Later, during the reign of Abdur […]

Deportations Despite Escalation in Civil War in Afghanistan


Terrorist attacks, bomb explosions and rocket attacks are not on the agenda in Afghanistan. These are common incidents that take place there almost every day. Afghan security forces are now overwhelmed, and residents are living a life of terror. The world is just watching. Read this article in German language [ Deportations-German ] For more than […]

Why Afghanistan’s Form of Government Needs to Change

Drew Schumann

Afghanistan is not governable under the current constitution. The nature of Afghanistan is ethnically diverse and geographically distant. Despite these challenges, GIRoA is asked to rule by fiat from Kabul under its constitution. The problem with the current government is the lack of democratic institutions, poorly drawn internal boundaries, and the lack of local agencies […]