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Afghanistan: The Situation of Hazaras During One Year of Taliban Rule

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A year past since the reemergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It has been a disastrous year for the people of Afghanistan especially the women, the Hazaras, as well as the religious minorities. A totalitarian regime has taken power in the country where every sign of progress is undermined and the achievements of the last twenty years have gone to waste. The viable media and press are stifled; the thriving educational system especially for girls has collapsed; freedom of movement and work for women is restricted and they are virtually under house arrest. Unemployment is rampant; the economy is on the brink; and the majority of the people are on the verge of starvation. The country is fast becoming a hub for terrorists of all persuasions.

  • Bolaq Research Paper – “Afghanistan: The Situation of Hazaras During One Year of Taliban Rule” [ English| Dari ]

The hope that the regime will reform from within is nearly non-existent. The only way at this time to reform or change the system is through combined international pressure.

The international media and human rights organizations are facing severe restrictions and for the most part there is a news blackout. The Taliban carry out extrajudicial arrest, detention, and killing with impunity. There are forced disappearances, targeted killings, displacement of people from their ancestral lands, and extortions in the name of religion. The marauding nomads are wreaking havoc on the local farmers.

At the absence of a viable local media and the blockade of the international objective reporting, we at Bolaq Analyst Network have decided to step in and through our contacts and network inside the country try to present an objective and unbiased information. This research is the first step in that direction. We hope that the international institutions, organizations and governments will use our research to help them make the right decision vis-à-vis the current de facto government of Afghanistan.

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  1. Dear Readers,
    Even though the Taliban take over Afghanistan for a 1 year, we still need to weake awareness, so everybody knows about the Situation there, especially for HAZARA PEOPLE!!!
    I am really happy and appreciate Websites like this, SO EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT THE SITUATION AND EDUCATE THEM SELFS!!!

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