Afghanistan Suffering Under the Taliban

Girls Education Jaghori Ghazni Hazaristan

High school female students in Afghanistan were left with tears after the Taliban kept girls schools closed, back-tracking from their earlier promise. The schools were to reopen on Wednesday, 23rd March, after the Taliban’s so-called ‘Ministry of Education’ had already made an announcement a week earlier. Nevertheless, many girl students, with unparalleled excitement and hope, […]

Why An Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan is a Harbinger of Chaos?

Taliban Logo Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

After only a short episode of optimistic brouhaha, the situation in Afghanistan seems to be getting realistic, and, therefore, obnoxious. The prognostications of a peace deal between Taliban and the representatives of a republic system in the country are now figments of imagination. Taliban, looking at the exhausted international troops withdrawing, appear to be overzealous […]

State-building and Social Contract in Afghanistan


After almost 20 tough years, the United States has realized it needs to rethink the political structure in Afghanistan or the state as a whole since it has failed to preserve a social contract. Or, looking at the scenario, it would be appropriate to say it was never the intention to build the Afghan state […]

US-led State-building in Afghanistan and Survival of the Warlords

USA and Warlordism in Afghanistan

Post 9/11 US-led state-building efforts in Afghanistan have not been able to strengthen political structure and resolve social issues, or they have never intended to do so. There is a possibility that these efforts were never directed to such a cause; rather, they were to give only an impression of state-building, while the US intervention […]

History of Sit-in Protests and Hazara Community’s Sit-ins in Quetta


A sit-in protest is a form of protest in which protesters sit at a place and insist on a particular demand(s). Protests by protesters usually continue until their demands are met. The demands of sit-ins are usually of practical nature, and they have been used throughout history for the purpose of stopping a particular action/policy […]

British Intervention and Nation-State in Afghanistan

Hazara slaves during 1890s Afghanistan

The process of formation of Afghanistan as a nation-state, with its current boundaries was initiated with the Treaty of Gandomak (1879) signed between the British Empire and the Afghan Amir, Yaqub Khan. It was when the responsibility of designing the foreign policy of Afghanistan was bestowed to the British. Later, during the reign of Abdur […]