A decade in limbo

A Decade in Limbo – The Situation of Afghanistan Refugees in Indonesia

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A Decade in Limbo is a story of the people who have been living in Indonesia for up to 10 years. There are more ten thousand people from Afghanistan, about seven thousand being Hazaras. They range from toddlers to senior adults. They are mostly registered with UNHCR and IOM and waiting for a third country to give them asylum. Indonesia itself does not accept asylum seeker or refugees, it serves as a transitional stage for the refugees to move on.

The story of these refugees is a story of helplessness, despair and disappointment of a people who in the hope of finding peace and security sold their belongings and positions, took the risk for better lives and ended up in Indonesia. They cannot go to their countries of origins, Afghanistan and Pakistan because they face genocide at the hands of extremists. It was the insecurity that forced them to flee in the first place.

The international media have not given the attention that they deserve and very little is known about them in the West. Bolaq Analyst Network, took upon itself to raise their plight on humanitarian grounds to help alleviate the suffering and despair they feel for being abandoned. We hope that the countries that accept refugees and asylum seekers will accept some of them and give them the opportunity to have normal lives. We also hope that the international media will raise this issue on theĀ  global level.


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