How to Submit an Article to Bolaq

Bolaq Analysts Network welcomes warmly any original writing, audio, and video interviews and will publish them after a review with the writer or owner of the piece (for audio and video material submission, please contact Bolaq first by sending us a message to our Facebook page).

Note: Materials that are sensitive to our reader and violate international publishing standards will not be published in Bolaq like bloody pictures or films or the human or animal cadaver or vulgar language or expressions. 

About Article

  • Length: Published articles typically run from 750-800 words, however, Bolaq can make special consideration for lengthier articles that are of special value or public interest.
  • Languages: Dari or English
  • Sources: Hyperlink to source materials, such as facts, figures and quotations
  • Two images (optional): To increase readability, Bolaq articles uses images that are relevant to the article. Include an ioriginal picture (not copied from Internet) to be used with the article (at least 1000 x 1000 pixels)
  • Disclosure: If you or a business, trade group or other institutions with which you are associated stand to gain financially or in any other way from your article, you should disclose that information to us in detail.


Response Time to Submissions
Bolaq will contact you within one week if we are interested in publishing your article. If you do not hear from us in a week, it means we will not be able to use your article, and you are free to publish it elsewhere.

Article Copyright

Authors may post their articles elsewhere 48 hours after they are published at Bolaq. By submitting an article to Bolaq and agreeing to its publication, authors are granting exclusive rights to the article to Bolaq Analysts Network for 48 hours and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Author Info
First time authors should submit following information with their articles:

  • A short biography (2 to 3 sentences)
  • Author’s picture to be used with the article (at least 1000 x 1000 pixels)
  • Twitter or email contact (optional)
  • Pseudonyms
    Bolaq routinely deals with information of sensitive nature where Author wishes to remain anonymous. Bolaq will consider publishing such articles with a pseudonym, however, the author’s real identity must be disclosed to Bolaq. 


Where to submit your article
Articles should be included as Text in the body of email, or attached as Microsoft Word (no PDFs please), and emailed to: