Ethnic Hazaras: a Transnational identity at a Displacement conference

AHRDO Conference Berlin Germany

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, AHRDO and Global Initiatives for Justice, Truth & Reconciliation (GIJTR) collaborated together to hold some workshops with some advocacy-based organizations that worked with displaced people, and for the rights of different demographics of the people of Afghanistan. As a senior researcher for Bolaq Analysts Network, I took part in […]

Denying Hazara Female Students: the bringers of change and modernity in Afghanistan

photographer-Hekmatullah Basseri

Photographer: Hekmatullah Basseri After closing female businesses and women-led organizations, the Taliban recently banned women from leaving their homes unless necessary, always accompanied by a male chaperon. They are banned from viewing public sports, or walking in public parks. After sending girls back home from schools, and forbidding women to get an education, the Taliban […]