Bolaq Report Taliban's animosity to women's education

Bolaq Research Report: “Taliban Opposition with Education of Girls.” What do the People Say?

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Women in Afghanistan for many years have faced gender discrimination for different reason under the pretext of Islam. Although violence and discrimination have deep roots in the tribal customs and the unacceptable traditions that the people adhere to, it is the wrong interpretation of Islam that they illogically try to justify. Development of the level of awareness and acceptance of training are important traits of human beings that have given special attention to education and learning in different societies. In Afghanistan, women have always had to struggle for their basic human rights among them the right to education and learning. Unfortunately, with the reemergence of the Taliban, girls are forbidden to attend school.


Bolaq Report Taliban's animosity to women's education

This field research, carried out with an online questionnaire and interview tries to get the views of Afghan citizens in different fields whether in favor or against the girls attending schools. It will reveal the general feeling about the truth or lack of the Taliban’s assertion regarding the families’ requests for the closure of schools. Although the people of Afghanistan have used different means to show their views about the closure of schools for more than a year, the Taliban have ignored their demands and have kept the schools closed for girls beyond sixth grade. Bolaq Analyst Network has tried to find out the truth and clear the issue through this research for the general public in the world and those Afghan citizens who claim to represent Afghanistan. With data analysis and interviews with some citizen in Afghanistan, it is being proved that the Taliban claim of the people’s demand for closing the school is not correct and the people want the schools to be reopened.

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